nicolas bernier

Transfert / Futur
• ACTE (CA), November 2017, cd + digital

Transfert/Futur is marking a shift from Nicolas Bernier’s rather reductionnist approach of the previous frequencies series to a more expressive an colourful aesthetic. Drawing from science fiction, sound textures are artificialized within abundance of synthesizers superimposed to create exceptionally organic compositions. This record is a trip that might transfer the listener into a futuristic zone. Mastered by Dominic Thibault.

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« brittle and mercurial post techno tones in polymetric structure  »
- Boomkat

frequencies (sound quanta)
• farmacia901 (IT), September 2015, art object + digital files + software

frequencies (sound quanta) is the audio version of sound and light installation frequencies (light quanta), inspired by basic quantum physics principles : particles, probabilities, wave/particle duality and discontinuity. Structured around these notions, the composition stems from 100 sound fragments that develop themselves aleatorically, generating an ever expanding, disruptive form.

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« Truly on the cutting edge of digital experimentation [...] an immersive experience. »
- Beach Sloth Magazine

frequencies (a / fragments)
• LINE (US), February 2014, CD

frequencies (a / fragments) is based on the system consisting of custom made device in which computer-controlled solenoids activate a variety of tuning forks. The resulting sound fragments, when articulated in conjunction with synthetic sine waves, create frictions between the acoustic and electronic elements. Mastered by Taylor Deupree.

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« Tonal generation and digital processing that go straight to the synapses »
- Cyclic Defrost, AU

frequencies (synthetic variations)
• Entr'acte (UK), September 2013, CD

Nicolas Bernier's first piece entirely made out of synthetic sounds, breaking with his musique concrète/field recording tradition. The result comprised 15 short movements of warped and crackling textures, of vividly articulated sine wave and of rythmic pattern bursts made to be listened to in random mode. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

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« It crackles, rumbles and grooves. [...] 24 minutes, 15 very short tracks to be listened to in random mode, a surprising record. »
- Monsieur délire, CA

Travaux mécaniques
• empreintes DIGITALes (CA), February 2012, DVD 5.1

Mostly known for his performances, installations, and atmospheric music, he signs here a first album of musique concrète / acousmatics. We will again find his clever amalgam of aesthetic influences to which he has accustomed us, but in his most daring bill. Mastered by Dominique Bassal.

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« vibrant music, swiftly moving about with a great sense of drama.  » - Vital Weekly, NL

« a highly complex soundworld [...] not a single second of downtime.  » - Monsieur Delire, CA

• Hrönir (DE), February 2011, LP

An expressive mix of lively field recordings, tiny and massive electronics and sparkling relocations. The docker barks out aloud, the little insect crawls through the 19th century woodworker's atelier, forgotten voices vanish and the rest is no silence. Mastered by Rashad Becker.

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« utterly compelling  » - The Wire, UK

« crunched abrasions and eerie footsteps, ruptured by ghostly noises. Excellent, through and through!  » - Aquarius, US

• Crónica (PT), October 2010, CD

strings.lines came to life from an obsession for old and forgotten object-matter and the desire to produce music that exists in between the new and the old. The starting point to the composition of this work were acoustic tuning forks. Viola da gamba : Pierre-Yves Martel. Violin : Chris Bartos. Mastered by MC.

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« Sublime.  » - Boomkat, UK

« a marvellous recording  » - Cyclic Defrost, AU

The Dancing Deer EP
• Home Normal (UK/JP), December 2010, CD

The Dancing Deer is a « pop concrète » collage, rhythm being the cornerstone of the work, built around a constant pulse. It brings together elements of drones, clicks, minimal, maximum, song writing, poetry, post-rock, electronic and instrumental music in a strange and uncommon atmospheric collage. The project is a musical translation of a couple months spent in the Canadian West.

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« dreamy and destabilizing  » - Monsieur Délire, CA

« totally unusual and exceedingly strange  » - Boomkat, UK

• ahornfelder (DE), November 2010, CD

courant.air is a work intertwining folk acoustic guitar and electronic music. Conceptually, the piece is wind powered. Wind is used as a constructive/destructive agent. Wind as a propulsion engine of particles in constant movement in the air. Wind as noise. Wind as sound, invisible. Acoustic guitar : Simon Trottier.

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« one of the more engaging electroacoustic pieces I've heard » - (US)

• leerraum[] (CH), February 2010, DVD

silence.musique is an essay on silence.

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ultra limited surround sound DVD edition, 60 copies.

Les arbres
• No Type (CA), June 2008, CD

Sonic landscapes and slow textures meet with precise articulations, resting on a minimal orchestration made of guitars, brass instruments, vibes, accordions and strings. A stimulating record, a remarkable attention to detail and excellent production quality, making for an unfailingly rewarding listening experience. Mastered by Paul Dolden.

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Mention Prix Ars Electronica, 2009, AT

« an amazing CD, with great ideas, perfect execution » - Vitral Weekly, NL


2011: Just a Moment, Digital, Audio Gourmet / UK
2011: One Minute For The Stars, Digital, SEM / FR
2010: Essmaa, CD, Tsuku Boshi / FR
2010: Chroniques, CD, Perte de signal / CA
2009: trans_canada, DVD-A, empreintes DIGITALes / CA
2009: Luigi’s Avatar, CD + DVD, OHM / CA
2009: So Much Achieved.So Much Left To Do., CD, 12rec / DE
2008: Música Maximalista 14, CD, PANaroma / BR
2008: Ostinato 21, CDr, Oral / CA
2006: Pueblo Nuevo Primer Aniversaria, Digital, Pueblo Nuevo / CH
2006: Morceaux d’Ekumen, CD-R + Digital, Ekumen / CA
2006: Dagens Bilaga, DVD, Ruga / SP
2005: Cache 2005, CD, CEC-PEP / CA
2004: Métamorphoses 2004, CD, Musiques & Recherches / BE
2004: Dotmov Festival, DVD, Dotmov / JP
2004: Cache 2003, CD, CEC-PEP / CA


2015: Mt. Mitake, Celer & Machinefabriek / NL
2011: Cructacé, for d'Incise / CH
2011: Becquerels, for Érick d'Orion / CA
2010: Oyikust, for Mokuhen, Tsuku Boshi / FR

Collaborative recordings

2015: + Francisco Meirino, Fiction, Vinyl, Misanthropic Agenda / US
2015: + Simon Trottier, ○ , Cassette, E-Tron Records / CA
2013: BOLD, fmv/shr, Cassette, E-Tron Records / CA
2010: BOLD, Duel second, Digital, Cronica / PT
2010: + Simon Trottier, The Market Fresh, Digital, Zymogen / IT
2009: + Simon Trottier, …et retrouvé en forêt, Digital, 12rec / DE
2009: + Jacques Poulin-Denis, sur fond blanc, CD, Ekumen / CA
2007: BOLD, Il Buono Il Brutto Il Cattivo: Études, Digital, No Type / CA
2007: + Simon Trottier, objet abandonné en mer, Digital, 12rec / DE
2007: + Jacques Poulin-Denis, étude No.3 pour cordes et poulies, CD, Ekumen / CA
2007: Millseconde topographie, Tricycle, DVD, Ekumen / CA
2007: Milliseconde topographie, Paperasses éparses, Digital, No Type / CA
2006: Milliseconde topographie, Poster musique, CD-R, Ekumen / CA